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Season 1, Episode 6 : Brandee Younger (Harp) performs "My Funny Valentine"

(Aired June 13, 2012)

BRANDEE YOUNGER for : If it's rare to see a harp nowadays, check out Brandee Younger's music and know that you've at least heard her before. The classically trained harpist from Long Island has played and recorded with some of the top names in music, including John Legend, Common, Drake and Ravi Coltrane. 


Season 1, E : Saxophonist Stacy Dillard performs "Saturday"

(Aired on June 11, 2012)

STACY DILLARD for Capsulocity : Ask around for one of the young great saxophonists in New York City and you're bound to hear the Stacy Dillard. Raised in Muskegon Heights, he came to the city after a run-in with Wynton Marsalis in Dayton Ohio. Since then he's played with some of the baddest cats in music and created four albums of originals. Check out his full interview coming soon on


Season 1, D : Cynthia Soriano performs the "Theme from the Godfather" en Español

(Aired on June 11, 2012)

CYNTHIA SORIANO for Capsulocity : Jazz Vocalist Cynthia Soriano keeps traditional jazz in tact singing songs from the Great American Songbook and jazz standards both in English and Spanish. Here she delivers her take on the "Theme from the Godfather" with self-penned lyrics in Spanish. She performs every Sunday at Smoke Jazz Club in New York City at 11:30 p.m. Full episode coming soon.


Season 1, C : Miss Brianna Thomas performs "In A Mellow Tone"

(Aired on June, 9, 2012)
A rising star in the jazz realm, Brianna Thomas is quickly becoming one of the must hear voices. She's performed at many of the clubs in New York City as a featured vocalist including with Wynton Marsalis. Stay tuned for a full episode featuring this talented young vocalist.


Season 1, Episode 5 : Emily Braden (Vocals) performs "Testify" and "Ribbon In the Sky"

(Aired on June 6, 2012)

EMILY BRADEN for : Emily Braden, the "big bad beauty" from Boise currently resides in Harlem, mixing it up and performing all around New York City, Idaho and British Columbia. Aside from her solo work, which features a wide array of jazz standards and pop classics, Ms. Braden is also part of a truly unique act, Double Bass, Double Voice